How to Be an Information Multi-Millionaire!

Posted: 11 April 2009 in Matematika dan sains

How to Be an Information Multi-Millionaire!
by Robert G. Allen

Welcome to the most exciting and profitable business in the world,
the business of selling information.
I call it info-preneuring. (An info-preneur is an entrepreneur who sells information.) It is
truly the most exciting business in the world. And . . . if you do this business right, within a
few months, total strangers will be sending you money for your ideas. This will happen even
if you think your ideas are worthless! I will show you how Your Ideas Are Profit Empires!
First of all, who am I, and why do I think I can teach you to be a profitable info-preneur?
My name is Robert G. Allen. In the 80’s I wrote three best-selling books. Two of them made
it to the number one spot on the New York Times best-sellers list. My first book, Nothing
Down: How to Buy Real Estate with Little or No Money Down, became the largest selling,
longest running financial hardcover book in history. It has been revised twice with the
current edition entitled, Nothing Down for the 90’s. A new edition will soon be released for
this new decade. Nothing Down still sells well  nearly 20 years after I wrote it and will
probably continue to sell well long into the future. My second book, Creating Wealth, was
also a number one New York Times bestseller with over a million sold. My latest books,
Multiple Streams of Income and Multiple Streams of Internet Income, hit the New York
Times bestseller’s list only weeks after they were published.
In conjunction with my best-selling books, I have also taught seminars nationwide on the
subject of real estate and creating wealth. Over one million people have been to my free
preview lectures nationwide. Of these, 103,000 people paid me up to $500 to attend my
weekend Nothing Down Seminar and 20,000 people paid me up to $6,950 to attend my five
day in-depth Wealth Training. This is in addition to the millions in tape, video, and
newsletter sales.
I think I can safely say, that no one in the world knows more than I do about creating an
information empire from scratch and teaching others to do the same.
I have hoarded these secrets for years, never revealing how I accomplished so much in so little
time. I didn’t do it all alone, of course. Nobody makes it to the top without mentors and a
powerful Mastermind team. What I learned from my mentors and from the School of Hard
Knocks cost me millions, but it was worth every penny. It has only been recently that I have
decided to share this powerful body of knowledge with a few highly motivated individuals.
What you are now reading is the preliminary draft of some of the ideas, which have made me
and my partners literally tens of millions of dollars.
It’s a tough business if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, it can be extremely lucrative
and very rewarding when you’ve learned the ropes.
Much success, my friend. May you sell a million!


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